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Thumper is a Giant White Netherland. She weighs in at 22 lbs during the winter months but slims down to a mere 17 lbs by the time summer puts in her appearance.

Thumper is a rabbit with an attitude and she is understandable obsessed with her feeding times.
Giant White Netherland
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She enjoys a wide variety of food and has educated me differently than the Tales of Peter Rabbit did in my childhood.

Each morning and evening Thumper expects her bowl of food to be hand delivered at as close to the same time every day as I can manage.

Her menu includes:
  • 1/3 of a banana in its skin
  • 1/3 of an apple
  • half a slice of dried out bread(not white)
  • one carrot
  • five or six stems of parsley
  • handful of raisins

Thumper comes racing to the gate for her food as soon as you rattle the latch. She will knock it out of my hand and make low "growly" noises if I don't put it down as soon as she arrives for eats.

Her least favorite foods include lettuce and celery and eating cabbage and cabbage family foods actually give her a belly ache.

She also has a container of enriched pellets for rabbits mixed with grains and sunflower seeds as well as fresh water all the time. Thumper, it could be said, is "Living Large."
Beware of the attack rabbit.
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Thumper has her own fenced in yard and two seperate hutches. She stays outside all year and has also dug herself an extensive underground tunnel. I expect to wake up one morning to find her waiting at the fridge for her breakfast.

She is very territorial. Last summer Thumper took exception to a visit from a neighbourhood cat. When she finished expressing her viewpoint about privacy - her yard was scattered with hunks of grey fur.

She has been given many affectionate names by my family and friends. Some of these have been; dinner, supper, mittens, slippers and speed bump. The first four are self explanatory - Speed Bump was given to her when she decided to spend her free time in the winter, outside her fence, and sit under the truck tires in the driveway.

She came back to her gate every morning and every evening. I was glad to see the snow melt that spring.
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