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Every household will want one. Men, women, children and even the family pet will discover the truly unique properties of the WEE 'R' WIDGIT....


The WEE 'R' WIDGIT will make every job in the kitchen an absolute joy to do. No more strenuous, back breaking effort will be necessary to:

  • strip the wax off the floors
  • clean the oven after baking day
  • clean out the clogged pipes
  • or wash the windows

The "Central Command Post - The Kitchen" will no longer be a place to be avoided by the man, woman or children of the family.
The WEE 'R' WIDGIT will be the "boss tool" in your garage or workshop. Keep it in the top drawer of your tool box so it will be handy when you need to:
  • bore the cylinders out of your 440 big block
  • remove the pulley from the power steering pump
  • make perfect dovetail joints on 3/4" oak
  • or remove drywall screws with no damage to the paint
You will be amazed at the versatility of this small, compact unit. Don't make the mistake of taking the WEE 'R' WIDGIT from the kitchen!

WEE 'R' WIDGITs will quickly take the place of all those useless gadgets you have already purchased or received as gifts. You will be making a second purchase of the WEE 'R' WIDGIT very soon so bookmark this web site.

Once you have proven to yourself that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you find yourself reaching for the WEE 'R' WIDGIT.......we'll be prepared to fill you order!

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